Understanding The Different Strands of Cannabis

There are many varieties of cannabis, each with their own unique effects on the mind and body. Over the years, cannabis farmers have dedicated a great deal of time to breeding these different varieties with certain characteristics in order to create hybrids and specific strains. The two main sub-species of cannabis are Sativa and Indica.

Sativa is widely known for its “head-high”, offering an uplifting, invigorating effect on the user. Most people report that Sativa results in an increase in energy, creativity and focus, and a decrease in feelings of stress or anxiety. Indica, on the other hand, is more commonly associated with deep relaxation.

A Closer Look At Sativa

Sativa plants are typically found in hot, dry climates such as Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia. The long, sunny days in these regions provide the ideal climate for Sativa plants to thrive. The plants are thin and tall (often growing more than 12 feet in height!) with pale-green, finger-like leaves.

Typically, Sativa has a high THC content and low CBD content. This is likely why Sativa users do not report feeling particularly relaxed or lethargic, and instead describe an energizing effect. This stimulating side-effect makes Sativa more appropriate for daytime use.

A Closer Look at Indica

Indica plants are native to Afghanistan, India, Turkey, and Pakistan, faring well in harsh, dry climates. Unlike Sativa, Indica plants are short and bushy with broad, dark-green leaves. They mature much faster than Sativa plants, producing far more buds than their Sativa counterparts.

While Indica plants are typically found to have a higher CBD content than Sativa plants, the THC levels vary and are not necessarily less than that found in Sativa plants. However, the higher CBD content does alter the body’s reaction to the THC (read more here (link to CBD VS THC blog).

Indica is most commonly used at nighttime due to its effects of deep relaxation. Many people use Indica as a light sedative, reporting that it aids with sleep quality. 


Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica are the two parent plants that producers use to create new and unique strains. Combining the two plants can result in a wider range of experiences and these “hybrids” are developed to target specific effects on the mind and body. Often, hybrids are grown deliberately to increase the THC percentage.

As hybrids are not naturally occurring, they are typically grown by cannabis farmers in greenhouses, or on cannabis farms if the climate allows for it. Each hybrid plant varies in appearance and is determined by the combination of the parent plants. 

Hybrids are extremely popular among cannabis users as they are deliberately created to produce certain effects such as reducing feelings of stress, or providing an increased experience of euphoria. The best time of day to use a hybrid product varies and is determined by the predominant strain used to create it. For example, if the hybrid you choose is predominately Sativa, it is best suited for daytime, and if the dominant strain is Indica, it would be better suited for nighttime. 

Typically, hybrids are named in accordance with their dominant strain. They are usually classified as Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or balanced.

Choosing The Right Product For You

Before deciding between Sativa and Indica, take some time to consider what effects you would like to experience. As you now know, the effects of each strain vary significantly, so it’s important to understand what you are looking for. Additionally, reflect on your own tolerance to cannabis, as some strains are more enjoyable for first-time or occasional users. 

Final Note

Now that you know the difference between the various cannabis strains, you can make a more informed decision when you come to purchase. Please remember that although these descriptions provide a helpful overview of what a user should expect to experience when using each cannabis strain, everyone reacts to cannabis differently. Speak to our budtenders at Flowertopia for expert advice and information on each of our products, and help with selecting the best products for you.